Gates, Globes & Checks

forged steel blowdown 1-thumb200x300
forged steel check-thumb200x300
forged steel gate-thumb200x300
forged steel globe-thumb200x300
GateGlobeChecks CastSteel 2-thumb200x300
GatesGlobesChecks Cast Steel 1-thumb200x300
GatesGlobesChecks CastIron 2-thumb200x300
GatesGlobesChecks Forged-thumb200x300
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stainless gate 10-thumb200x300
stainless globe 20-thumb200x300
stasinless check 30-thumb200x300
steel gate 90FGAW-thumb200x300

Davis Valve’s inventory of Gate, Globe, and Swing Check valves is Huge! We have more than 12,000 gate, globe, and check valves ready for immediate shipment!

We stock these in Cast Iron, WCB steel, and 316 stainless steel. From sizes 1/2″ through 30″, ranging in pressure classes 125# through 1500#.

Davis Valve is ISO 9001 2015 Certified.